Ascend Domains

Frequently Asked Questions

While your biggest concern is making money, and we know that you will make money, we also know other questions may arise.

The answers you are searching for:

1. What would I be able to do on
You can purchase and offer spaces inside of the commercial center. Select from three posting styles or host a private posting. gives the majority of the instruments important to showcase you're posting or settle on an educated purchasing choice. You might likewise exploit our financier administrations.
2. How would I make a record?
Just snap Sign up on the right half of the menu bar. Take after the basic strides to make a fundamental record. Move up to a Verified enrollment to pick up the capacity to offer on postings up to $5,000. Complete the extra shape and present the important data to turn into a Premium Member and appreciate the capacity to offer on all postings unbounded
3. Arrive any accuses or charges related of my enrollment?
Nope, enlistment is free. What isn't free? Gas. Be that as it may, we oblige none of that either, so once more, enrollment is free. Unless you are driving while enlisting, which is an awful thought for every one of us. Enrolled customers open themselves up to profiting they never would have made without doing as such. Open entryways that allow you to profit, enlist now!  Register Now!
4. What is Buy Now?
Buy Now (BIN) is a great option for sellers with a specific price in mind. Set a BIN price for any listing, resulting in a sale to the buyer who purchases the name for the BIN price. BIN offers are binding and will immediately move to procurement.
5. May I Make an Offer on a BuyNow listing?
Yes, if the seller has elected to allow offers. Simply place your offer in the field provided and the seller will be notified if the offer exceeds the seller's floor price. Please be aware that an offer on a Buy Now (BIN) listing is binding for 7 days.